Coffee Desserts

Mochachino Cake from Buttercup

Buttercup Bake Shop’s Mochaccino Cake – Photo Courtesy of Buttercup Bake Shop (NYC)

I admire people who don’t need a daily cup or two or Coffee.  Of course, I don’t fall into this group.  And in fact, I’ve been known to turn non-Coffee drinkers, into Coffee aficionados.

Java Junkie Bar from Jacques Torres

Java Junkie Chocolate Bar from Jacques Torres – Photo Courtesy of Jacques Torres (NYC)

Since I love the aroma and taste of Coffee (and require the “get up and go” this miracle beverage imparts) and adore Desserts, what better than to combine the two?

Espresso Cake from Billys Bakery

Espresso Cake from Billy’s Bakery – Photo Courtesy of Billy’s Bakery (NYC)

Looks like I’m not the only fan of Coffee Desserts.

Graeters Mocha Chocolate Chip

Mocha Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Graeter’s – Photo Courtesy of Graeter’s (Cincinnati, OH)

Graeter’s, a Cincinnati-based ice cream company, founded in 1870, sells two Coffee-based ice cream flavors – Mocha Chocolate Chip and Coffee.  Mocha Chocolate Chip is so popular it’s one of Graeter’s six core flavors, offered in grocery stores outside of its main trading area.  While the company had contemplated offering just one Coffee-based ice cream – Mocha Chocolate Chip – there were enough fans of Coffee Ice Cream to convince the company to keep offering both Coffee flavors.

Eclair Coffee Eclair in a row

A Coffee Eclair (and Other Flavors) from Eclair Bakery – Photo Courtesy of Eclair Bakery (NYC)

New York City-based Éclair Bakery, a French bakery, offers an extensive variety of Éclairs, including, you guessed it, a Coffee variety.

Eds real scoop_affogato

An Affogato from Ed’s Real Scoop – Photo Courtesy of Ed’s Real Scoop (Toronto)

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with drinking your Coffee Dessert.  An Affogato is a shot of Expresso over a scoop or gelato or ice cream.  But if you’re looking for something a bit more elaborate, Cynthia Leung described a very intriguing sounding  drink crafted by her store, SOMA Chocolatemaker in Toronto: “Three separate layers, all of equal portions, of: dark chocolate; espresso; and semi-whipped cream.  All meant to be drunk together (not mixed), a study in contrast….”

Soma Chocolate_Vietnamese Coffee Truffle

Vietnamese Coffee Truffle from SOMA Chocolatemaker – Photo Courtesy of SOMA Chocolatemaker (Toronto)

And Coffee can liven up Chocolates.  Cynthia pointed out that Coffee and Chocolate have been paired together for a long time.  Her Vietnamese Coffee Truffle, with a coffee-infused dark chocolate layer covering a white chocolate ganache, is a popular item.

King Arthur Flour espresso powder

Espresso Powder from King Arthur Flour – Photo Courtesy of King Arthur Flour (Norwich, VT)

But Coffee doesn’t always steal the Dessert spotlight.  Adding a small amount of Espresso powder to a recipe calling for Chocolate adds a depth of flavor and enhances the Chocolate flavor, without calling attention to itself.

Coffee Flour

Coffee Flour from Coffee Flour

When I was doing research for this posting, I read about an alternative flour — Coffee Flour.  As a city dweller, I generally don’t read farming magazines, but according to a fascinating article in Modern Farmer, there are actually two types of Coffee Flour.  One type of Coffee Flour is obtained from grinding up less roasted Coffee beans.  Adding this Coffee Flour to baked goods bestows a mild, nutty flavor and packs a real antioxidant punch since less roasted Coffee Beans are higher in antioxidants.  And the second type of Coffee Flour is derived from grinding up other parts of the Coffee plant.  Fittingly, a company with the name, Coffee Flour, is spearheading the production of this second type of Coffee Flour, which is a nutritional powerhouse and really more of a spice than a Flour.

How can I enjoy Coffee?  Thankfully, more ways than ever before!

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3 thoughts on “Coffee Desserts

  1. Robert J. Taylor Esq says:

    Interesting article

  2. irwin katz says:

    do you carry Sweet Sam’s RAISIN POUND CAKE?

    • Hi Irwin,
      While I’ve seen Sweet Sam’s Coffee Cake, Pound Cake, and Iced Lemon Pound Cake at Fairway and different delis in NYC, I don’t recall seeing the Raisin Pound Cake. Sounds like a great combination – pound cake and raisins!

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