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The Big Chocolate Show: October 8th -9th in NYC

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Waterfront NY Terminal Stores Building – site of The Big Chocolate Show – Photo Courtesy of Waterfront NY Realty (NY)

A new Chocolate Show came to town — The Big Chocolate Show — held at the Waterfront NY Terminal Stores Building in West Chelsea.  Classic American flavors and treats shared the exhibit space with more cutting-edge Chocolate and Desserts.


TCHO’s Mokaccino Milk Chocolate Bar – Photo Courtesy of TCHO (Berkeley, CA)

TCHO showcased its Chocolate Bars with time-honored flavors, such as Coffee (the Mokaccino Milk Chocolate Bar — made with Blue Bottle Coffee) and Chocolate Mint (the Dark Chocolate Mint Chip Gelato Bar).   But TCHO’s new line will include Chocolate with floral notes, such as Bergamot (a citrus fruit) and spice.   Cat, a member of TCHO’s Sales team, made an interesting observation: Chocolate follows fashion.  And, indeed, we’re now surrounded by clothes and accessories with floral patterns.   (I recently succumbed to the charms of a floral print wallet, but I digress.)


Lemon-Olive Oil Bonbons from Gotham Chocolate – Photo Courtesy of Gotham Chocolate (NYC)

Speaking of Citrus — an intriguing complement to and star of many Desserts — Gotham Chocolate (an offshoot the well-known New York City-based Gotham Bar and Grill restaurant) displayed its Lemon-Olive Oil Bonbons.  And Christopher Elbow Chocolates offered its Citrus Caramel Collection.


Moon Pies from Lovie’s Nostalgia – Photo Courtesy of Lovie’s Nostalgia (NYC)

You knew it was a U.S.-based Chocolate Show when you spotted the Moon Pies at the booth of Lovie’s Nostalgia.  What is Moon Pie?  A Southern treat — marshmallow filling sandwiched between two graham crackers, with a coating, often of Chocolate.  Interestingly, Lovie’s Nostalgia is a New York City-based baker.


Sugarcube Dessert and Coffee’s booth at The Big Chocolate Show – Photo Courtesy of Sugarcube Dessert and Coffee (NYC)

As for the more cutting-edge desserts (literally!), how about geometric Chocolates crafted with molds manufactured by a 3-D printer?  The aptly named Sugarcube Dessert and Coffee sells these treats and others at its New York City bakery and café.  Or Organic Dark Chocolate Matcha Green Tea Bars from VillaKuyaya?


Eclat Chocolate’s Milk Chocolate Bar with Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels – Photo Courtesy of Eclat Chocolate (West Chester, PA)

So much chocolate — life is good!  (Of course, I’ll be eating nothing but salad for weeks to compensate for my samples (and purchases!).


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