Bundt Cakes

Coca-Cola Bundt Cake from Baked

Coca-Cola Bundt Cake from Baked

Why do I like to bake Bundt Cakes?  For two reasons, really.  The only decoration a Bundt Cake needs is a dusting of confectioner’s sugar or a glaze (and since decorating/frosting cakes is not my forte, this is a big deal for me).  More importantly though, Bundt Cakes are delicious.

What is a Bundt Cake?  It may be a bit of a circular definition, but a Bundt Cake is a cake baked in a Bundt Pan.  A Bundt Pan is a tube pan with curved, fluted sides.  And to add to the fun, Bundt Pans are also available in whimsical shapes – castles, flowers, pumpkins, etc.

Fleur De Lis Bundt Pan from Nordic Ware

Fleur De Lis Bundt Pan from Nordic Ware

There are plenty of us Bundt Cake fans.  Nordic Ware, the company that trademarked Bundt Pans, has sold about 60 million of these pans to date.

Corner Bakery Cafe's Bundt Cake

Gingerbread Pumpkin Baby Bundt Cake from the Corner Bakery Cafe

Corner Bakery Café is a nationwide chain of cafes offering breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, pastas, soups, and of real interest to me, baked goods.  Ric Scicchitano, the Senior VP of Food & Beverage at Corner Bakery Café said that his company has been offering Bundt Cakes for over 20 years.  Chocolate Bundt Cakes are the best sellers.  When I asked if Corner Bakery Café has plans to add other Bundt Cakes to their menu, Mr. Scicchitano noted:

“We always have our Chocolate Bundts, but we change up our other Bundt Cakes on a seasonal basis.  Our Gingerbread Pumpkin Bundt is a guest favorite that people look forward to every fall and our new Strawberry Bundt was a big hit over the summer.  Other seasonal flavors include: Lemon; Caramel; Chocolate Cherry; and Banana.”

A Birthday Bundt Cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes

A Birthday Bundt Cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes

Even though Bundt Cakes are popular, I’m still a little surprised that a bakery chain, Nothing Bundt Cakes, bakes and sells only Bundt Cakes. These are special occasion cakes – iced with a thick frosting in a petal shape.  All of the cakes are highly decorated; birthday cakes may sport mini birthday hats, flower decorations, etc.

Bundt Pan Trivia:

Bundt Pan sales took off after the 1966 Pillsbury Bake-Off contest.  That year, the second prize was awarded to a “Tunnel of Fudge” Bundt Cake – a chocolate cake with a gooey fudge center.  See the posting on Baking Contests.

I’ll be baking Bundt Cakes for the holidays!

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